About Us

Americans’ Income Tax Service specializes in tax advising and consulting for U.S. citizens working and living abroad and German citizens who must file US tax returns. We have been assisting clients living overseas or with tax obligations in Germany for over 15 years. We also have experience with filers from Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Spain, and many other countries.

Americans’ Income Tax Service offers the U.S. taxpayer a complete Federal and State income tax preparation and financial accounting service. In addition, Americans’ Income Tax Service works in cooperation with a German public notary, law and tax advisory practice, so that your German tax declarations and financial accounting needs can also be satisfied by accredited German accountants, all in one office. Together, we specialize in the application of U.S./German and other international tax treaties, in conjunction with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and German tax laws. Americans’ Income Tax Service also works in close cooperation with a partner firm in the New York City area, which includes a research team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Certified Financial Planners┬«.

In the Berlin office, multilingual associates at the office provide expertise in interpreting German, U.S., and international tax laws, and in making them understandable in several languages. Americans’ Income Tax Service takes pride in our associates’ knowledge of the application of European tax laws and financial accounting practices, and their relationship to U.S. tax laws